Great Argumentative Essay Topics

At one point in time during the student days, they are going to be asked to write argumentative essays. The name says it all; the essay is purely based on argument and students are expected to come up with an essay that is based on facts and backed up with examples.

An argumentative essay takes a position through research and not through the opinion or thoughts of the writer. If it is properly researched, it should show that your points have a basis in facts and not in what the writer feels about the topic. The objective is to argue on a specific point of reasoning.

What Are The Attributes Of A Strong Argumentative Essay?

The structure of the essay should be solid to start with. Aside from that; the following features should be part of a brilliant opinion essay:

Your Argument

The opinion essay is unlike other forms of essays because you are trying to convince your readers about a particular line of argument. You are expected to be brilliant in constructing your line of argument that will make your reader change their mind. A strong line of argument is needed to project a brilliant opinion essay.

The Thesis

This is the focal point of the argument. The thesis should be strong and must not be more than a sentence. It should be well reasoned and very potent because it is the basis on which your points of arguments will be based.


A brilliant argumentative essay should not be based on the opinion of the writer but well-marshaled research. Do not rely on hearsay or assumptions; rather well-researched sources should form the basis of your submissions.

How Can You Come Up With Argumentative Essay Topics?

A brilliant topic is a basis for having a good performance in this type of essay. In some instances, when students find themselves arguing on points they do not believe in; they find it difficult making the best from their essay. If you have a free choice of topic; it should be one topic that you have a strong flair for.

It is therefore important to choose a topic that you feel strongly about on the list of topics that you have before you. Start by making a list of ideas that you feel strongly about and narrow them down to the particular topic that you feel strongest about. The more the evidence you have about a topic and the stronger you feel about it; the better the opinion easy that you are going to make out of it.

Seek Help Online

Going by what we have just said about getting the right topic; it is important to sort out the issue online if you are still having your doubts. There are credible sources online that have some excellent lists that you can draw inspiration from. Some of them have as many as 50 brilliant topics that you can rely on for the best the results that mattered. You can seek help from them to land the best topic that will help deliver the expected high grades.

Final Take

The tips above will help in delivering the best results needed by students to make hay in their argumentative essay.