Captivating Argumentative Essay Topics

There’s no denying that a lot of people like to argue; whether it’s about politics, scientific theories, religious beliefs, etc. However, whenever a real opportunity to actually engage in an argument arises, such as writing an argumentative essay, many get stuck not knowing how to go about it. These types of essays are vital in the academic life of all students since they aid them in learning more about particular topics in their course. In order for an argumentative essay to be deemed effective, it has to make readers question their standpoint concerning the topic of discussion. It’s not unusual to see readers get angry after reading an exceptional argumentative essay. This is because the topics being discussed are somewhat controversial. 

Inasmuch as these pieces of writing express your personal views concerning a particular issue, the points you provide have to be centered on relevant facts. This is because solid evidence always holds more water than opinions. A good argumentative essay should present valid proof that backs up an argument and persuades the reader to share the same sentiments as the writer.

Should you find trouble when coming up with an appropriate topic to write about, reading a couple of sample topics can help you get your creative juices flowing. Here are a few captivating and dynamic topics, arranged in specific categories to help you get started with your writing.

Parenting Essay Topics

  • Do you think men should be granted paternity leave?
  • Which parenting style do you consider to be fitting?
  • Should breastfeeding in the public be made legal?
  • How are children’s lives affected by overprotective parents?
  • Should parents be allowed to beat their children?
  • How can childcare fees be reduced in the United States?

Education Essay Topics

  • Should vending machines be banned in schools
  • Does gender have any effect on education?
  • Does homeschooling have a negative impact on learners
  • Why do policymakers advocate for STEM education?
  • Do you think charter schools should succeed the public school systems?
  • Do you think regular disciplinary techniques are good for students? 

Women’s Issues Topics

  • What are some of the challenges that female politicians face?
  • What is the appropriate time women should spend on maternity leave?
  • Do you think women in religious organizations should be given birth control methods?
  • What are some of the difficulties women face in their working environment?

Legal Essay Topics

  • Should ex-convicts be allowed to vote?
  • What should be the legal drinking age?
  • Do you think the death penalty should be abolished?
  • Should athletes who take performance-enhancing drugs receive heavy punishment?
  • Should religious organizations be exempted from paying tax?
  • Should the use of meth and marijuana be legalized?

Technology Essay Topics

  • Do you think that print media still relevant?
  • Should the government impose network neutrality measures?
  • Do you think technology is lowering the productivity of people?
  • What is the impact of tablets and smartphones on children’s development?
  • Do you think comment sections promote good communication on social media platforms?


When writing argumentative essays, it’s always advisable to go for a topic that sparks excitement in you and piques the interest of the reader. Not only will you be elaborate on your arguments, but you’ll also be able to write your paper with a lot of ease.