April 28, 2015 7:27 AM Posted by Adviser Sam

5 Great Tricks Students Always Forget To Use When Writing An Essay

When writing out an essay, there are a number of things that students forget. From the moment a student is handed their assignment, they must carefully outline, research and write their document. A good essay takes time, so students should make sure that they have plenty of time to work on their document. Before creating a perfect paper, students should read through some of the following tips. These ideas from a professional homework help website will help the student figure out the best way to complete their assignment and get a top grade.

Cite Everything

This may not be a trick, but it is something worth doing. If a source is not cited, it is technically considered plagiarism. Although teachers may understand that the student intended to cite their source, they will still mark the student down for not including the information that they were supposed to. Students will almost never get in trouble for citing too many sources, so they should always include the bibliographical information when they are in doubt.

Build an Outline

An outline is literally the most important thing that a student can do when they are writing. In a good outline, the student will have the introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion separated out. The introduction paragraph will include some type of interesting hook as well as the thesis statement for the document. Each of the following paragraphs should have a topic sentence that is essentially a mini-thesis statement. Beneath the topic sentence, the student should jot down two or three pieces of information that support the statement.

The goal of the outline is to build a logical, cohesive argument. While the paper is still an outline, it is easy to rearrange and revise the order for the paper. Students want to rearrange things if they need to at this point because it will be much more time consuming to change a finished document.

Finish Early and Stay on Schedule

Many teachers will assign an essay on the first day of school. When they hand out the syllabus, they will tell the class what to expect in their final paper. If the teacher is willing to hand out the writing prompt early, the student should take advantage of this opportunity. With the writing prompt in hand, students can begin researching and writing immediately. In addition to getting their assignment done early, the student will have extra time at the tend of class to student for their other tests.

Be Completely Original

Often, students will choose the easiest topic that they can think of. Although easy topics are great, they are not generally the assignments that get the best grades. Teachers have read the same thesis statements and ideas thousands of time. Every class that they have writes some of the same ideas for the same prompts. Rather than do the exact same thesis statement that everyone else is doing, students should be completely original. They need a topic idea that wakes the teacher up and actually interests the student. If the student cares about the topic, they are more likely to spend the extra time necessary to make sure that their assignment is well done.

Reread the Prompt

One of the most forgotten parts in writing is the prompt. Students get so into researching and writing their paper that they forget the original question they were supposed to answer. To solve this problem, students should cut out a copy of the writing prompt and place it next to their laptop. As the student writes and researches their topic, they can refer to the prompt to make sure that they are staying on track.