Remarkable Argumentative Essays Topics

All English classes usually require learners to engage in various writing activities. Essay writing is a good example of such tasks. High school and college-level students are normally given the liberty to choose the topics they want to write on. Even though this seems like a good thing, learners often find themselves struggling to come up with compelling topics. 

When it comes to writing argumentative essays, students have to possess three distinct skills in order to come up with compelling papers; these include research, writing, and analytical skills. A strong argumentative essay should also present relevant proof that supports a claim and convinces the reader to agree with a particular subject matter. Therefore, it’s very important to focus on information and facts and not personal viewpoints alone.

Factors to Consider When Writing an Essay

When writing your argumentative essay, there are two things which you really have to pay close attention to in order to make it stand out.

Commencing the Essay

In the opening paragraph of an essay, students are supposed to highlight what the entire article is about by giving a general review. They should also aim at explaining why that particular topic of discussion is important. A good way to end this segment is by giving the thesis statement.

Evidential Information

Given that this particular piece of writing involves arguing out your points, providing detailed, factual, and well-researched information is the only sure way of building a strong paper.

Best Argumentative Essay Topic

To help you avoid spending too much time choosing the appropriate topic for your essay, here are some interesting subjects you can pick when writing your piece.

Sports Topics

  • What are the problems related to sports gambling?
  • What’s the highest unbreakable sports record?
  • Do you think taking part in NCAA has a negative impact on students’ performance?
  • Should physical education be made compulsory in schools?
  • Do you think hockey is a dangerous sport?

Topics on College

  • Is a college degree important in today’s world?
  • Should college education be made free?
  • Should the education board review college curriculums annually?
  • Should students be given the right to make their own syllabus? 

Controversial Topics

  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a Monarchy
  • Do you think gun control is a productive measure to reduce crime rate?
  • Do you think political authorities are the major propagators of illegal activities?
  • Should women be given the right to abort?

Technology Topics 

  • Should violent games be banned?
  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of cell phones
  • Should YouTube ban people who use abusive language?
  • What are the contributions of technology in education?

Art, Music, And Movie Topics

  • Do you think art pays?
  • Do you think music tracks are educational?
  • Do you think modern lyrics are polluting the younger generation?
  • Can someone succeed in life when working in the art field?


There are very many incredible topics to choose from when writing an argumentative essay. Still, if you’re experiencing difficulty in writing your essay, implementing the points mentioned above will greatly assist you in writing a marvelous article.